Southwestern Reaches of the Central Lands of the Central Realm

Southwestern Reaches of the Central Lands of the Central Realm

This area, known collectively as Westbay, has a reputation (not entirely deserved) for being sleepy and provincial. It misses out on the trade opportunities enjoyed by much of the rest of these lands, so it is on average somewhat poorer and slower-paced.

Northwestern: Hills. Here is found a kingdom called Gorfang, which has more than its share of supernatural nasties—ghosts, goblins, witches etc. Its longstanding ruling family, also called Gorfang, has a tradition of involvement with the darker sorts of magic. It’s not a bad place to visit, though. It’s sort of a Chaotic Neutral place with some tendency toward Evil. Pumpkins are a major part of the diet—along with apples.

North Central: Wetlands. The kingdom of Pudmuddle is a wet, muddy little kingdom whose main industry is clam-digging on the mud flats. Though most inhabitants are (rather poor) humans, it’s also home to a peculiar folk known as Mudglums—humanoids with webbed feet and hands and rubbery skin, adapted for marsh life. They have a deeply pessimistic outlook on life and generally follow a Lawful Neutral philosophy.

The Coastal Road runs through this area.

Northeastern: Water (shallow). The bay here is too shallow for all but the smallest boats, and at low tide turns into vast mud flats. Clam digging is a popular industry.

Center West: Plains

Center Central: Plains (cultivated). This is the kingdom of Arkady, whose ruling family has intermarried with elves for so long that they are all basically half-elvish at this point. There is a higher tolerance for magical creatures in this kingdom—creatures that might elsewhere be glimpsed in the woods at night may here be found in town markets at noon. There’s some tension between the Chaotic Good ruling family and the more Lawful tendencies of the populace.

Fishing is a popular occupation in Arkady.

The Coastal Road continues through this area.

Center East: Water (shallow). This water is deep enough for fishing boats, at least in channels, but is too shallow for the big trading ships to traverse.

Southwestern: Plains. This region is sparsely populated by clowns, a humanoid folk that naturally appears to be wearing clown makeup, complete with bulbous red nose and enormous feet. They wear brightly colored garments of odd design, and are invariably mute. They range in alignment from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Evil.

The Coastal Road passes through Clown Town here, the clowns’ largest habitation.

South Central: Plains. This area is largely uncultivated, with frequent patches of woods and bogs. The Coastal Road passes through here, but is often beset by bandits and highwaymen.

Southeastern: Hills (dunes). This quiet kingdom was once a colony of the Righteous Absolutian Empire, and still sports the traditional adobe-and-tile-roof Absolutian architectural style brought here by colonizers. The cooking is also a little Southern Realm here too. The Church of the Creator has numerous followers here—a somewhat incognito version of the Lawful Neutral faith.

There is a mighty castle here guarding the entrance to the bay; it is often held by an adventurous warrior of great power. It is reached by a spur of the Coastal Road.

Southwestern Reaches of the Central Lands of the Central Realm

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