Southwestern forest

Southwestern Jungles:

The wildlife in the North Central reaches differ quite a bit from one side of the great valley to the other; both the Yuan-Ti and the Lizardfolk strongly control which creatures live in their kingdoms, based on their own religious beliefs and taboos.

On the Yuan-Ti side, you can find:

Yuan-Ti, obviously. They have giant nests (their equivalent to towns and villages) throughout their empire, both underground and through the giant trees.

Snaketongue cultists and Histachi, the servants of the Yuan-Ti

Shambling Mounds, Vine Horrors, Battlebriars, etc

Snakes of all kinds, both monstrous (Deathrattle Vipers, Crushgrip Constrictors, etc) and regular. A far, far greater amount than is found in any regular forest/jungle.

Spiders of all kinds, both monstrous (Deathjump, Bloodweb, etc) and regular.

Most kinds of giant vermin

On the Lizardfolk side, you can find:

Lizardfolk, obviously. High-class lizardfolk live in temples strewn throughout their kingdoms (think Aztec in nature), whilst common lizardfolk simply live in tribes in the wilderness.

Trolls, who have a loose alliance with the lizardfolk

Various dinosaurs/behemoths

Monstrous crocodiles (visejaw, feymire). Much more than would be found in a regular forest/jungle.


Drakes of all kinds

These lists aren’t mutually exclusive; creatures from either side can be found in the other, but are much rarer.

In the other jungles can be found a much smaller amount of the above creatures, as well as:

Displacer Beasts



Wild elves

A green dragon or two

Southwestern forest

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