Polar dwarves

“There’s a freeze coming…”

Ice dwarves have a unique society based in a very isolated area right at the northern edge of the world. They live in tunnels carved into living glaciers, and rely on their own specialized ice-based technology. (They even travel in large ships made of ice, contrary to normal dwarves distrust of water vessels.)

They have lots of white hair and white beards, and usually dress in polar bear fur—though they are sometimes seen going shirtless in weather that would give most folk instant frostbite. Some say this is because salt water rather than blood runs in their veins.

Polar dwarven communities are often led by shamans, with wardens, barbarians and rangers as their warriors. Viewed as primitive by other peoples, including other dwarves, they actually have a sophisticated culture that allows them to thrive in a climate that would pose a challenge to most adventurers’ survival.

They are found in mountainous and water-based areas of the Northwestern Realm, the Northern Realm and the Northeastern Realm.

4E Racial Stats:

Ability Scores: +2 Con, +2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 5 Squares Vision: Low Light

Languages: Common, Dwarven Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Nature Cold Resistance: You have resist cold 5 + one half your level Encumbered Speed: (see p36 of the Players Handbook) Stand Your Ground: (see p36 of the Players Handbook) Ice Dwarven Weapon Proficency: You gain proficiancy with the warhammer and warpick. Dwarven Blood: You are considered a dwarf when qualifying for any racial feats, paragon paths or epic destinies. Frozen Body: You can use Frozen Body as an encounter power

Frozen Body (Ice Dwarf Racial Power) You regulate your body temperature to adapt to harsh conditions and effects Encounter Immediate Interrupt Personal Trigger: Targeted by an attack versus Fortitude Effect: You gain a bonus to Fort defense equal to 1 + your Con modifier that lasts until the end of your next turn.

Polar dwarves

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