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D’Andia is a collaborative world-building project using an innovative method to systematically generate a large-scale world map.

The setting is a square, flat world whose terrain ranges from icy polar mountains in the north to burning barren deserts in the south.

See more on the History of D’Andia.

The Realms of D’Andia

D’Andia is divided into nine realms:

Northwestern Realm: Icy mountains and desolate tundra

Northern Realm: Boreal forests and frigid waters

Northeastern Realm: Arctic wastes

Western Realm: Towering mountains and vast plains

Central Realm: Temperate fields and thriving cities

Eastern Realm: Rainforests and wetlands

Southwestern Realm: Dense jungle and twisted swamps

Southern Realm: Powerful empires and blasted deserts

Southeastern Realm: Stormy waters and mysterious islands

Main Page

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